The Jade Palace

The Jade Palace is home of the Sacred Hall of Heroes, the Jade Palace Arena, and the Training Hall. The people of the valley built the Jade Palace to honor Master Oogway.  

Po's room, resturaunt, and kitchen

Po's room is full of posters of the Furious Five, his small bed, and maybe a few bowls of soup. The kitchen is small for Po, but not for his dad. Po and his dad serve soup in the kitchen and in the resturaunt. The resturaunt is also small for Po because he can't fit between the tables.

The bunkhouse

The bunkhouse is where the Furious Five sleep. They have their own rooms, including Po.

The mountain pass

The mountain pass is where the Valley of peace ends. The thousand mile bridge is called the Thread of Hope. 

Sacred Peach Tree of Wisdom

The peach tree was grown by Master Oogway when he first got to the hill. To Master Oogway, the tree was his place where he could be one with the universe.  

Chor Ghom Prison

The Chor Ghom Prison is a deadly place and holds only one prisoner. That prisoner is Tai Lung. Commander Vanchir is the leader who took Martial Arts by Master Flying Rhino before guarding the prison and leads this army of rhinos called the Anvil of Heaven.