The story

This is the story of a panda named Po who loves to eat. He works at the noodle shop with his dad, whom is a goose. Po is in love with the art of Kung Fu and the Furious Five. Soon, on "accident," he gets chosen as the dragon warrior by Master Oogway, the master of Master Shifu, who now has to train Po to become the dragon warrior. Now, an evil Kung Fu warrior named Tai Lung, a snow leopard, has broken out of prison and wants to steal the dragon scroll, the secret to unlimited power. Will Po become the dragon warrior and save the village, or will Tai Lung suceed? This movie comes out in theaters June 6.

The characters


Po is and overweight panda who loves to eat who now gets chosen as the dragon warrior. He must stop Tai Lung and learn the secret of the dragon scroll.

Master Shifu

Master Shifu is a small, 2 foot tall red panda who has trained the Furious Five and must train Po to become the dragon warrior. 

The Furious Five


Master Tigress is a strong, and aggresive tiger. She wanted to become the dragon warrior, until Po dropped in the crowd.


Master Monkey is a monkey with speed, acrobatic talent, and maybe a little sense of humor. Monkey has a weapon, his staff. 


Master Crane is the only bird in the Furious Five. He can deflect swords with his wings. Amazing, huh?


Master Viper is a snake who is smooth at kung fu.


Master Mantis is small, but can do all sorts of kung fu fighting stuff.

The enemy

Tai Lung

Tai Lung was trained by Master Shifu since he was a cub. Now, he is in prison and has escaped. He wanted to become the dragon warrior, but Master Oogway said no.